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Juvenile Offenses in Polk County are handled out of the Bartow Court House, and they are detained at the Juvenile Detention Center in Bartow. If your child is detained the retention of an attorney could make all the difference.

A Bartow attorney will help you understand the juvenile criminal process

Juvenile offenders are those under the age of 18. In Polk County, when an underage person is charged with a criminal offense, they are taken to the Bartow Juvenile Detention Facility, in Bartow. They are detained until they can be taken in front of a Circuit Court Judge. This happens the next morning after their detention. The young person is transported from the Bartow Juvenile Detention Facility to the Bartow Courthouse in downtown Bartow. A special isolated facility has been created in the Bartow Courthouse to ensure that the juveniles are not in contact at any time with adult offenders. The judge will then determine whether to release the juvenile or continue to detain them at the Bartow Juvenile Detention Facility. The Bartow office of the Department of Juvenile Justice will be involved as will the office of the State Attorney. Depending on the nature of the charges, some children can be charged as an adult and face sanction in adult prison. Contact the offices of Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney David Carmichael for your free consultation as quickly as possible.

Our Polk County Criminal Lawyer is here to explain the charges against you

If released on home detention or their own recognizance, further court hearing will take place in the Bartow Courthouse, until the matter is resolved. The process is nearly identical to adult prosecution procedures except that juries are not used in juvenile trials.

Our criminal lawyer can review your expunction options in Polk County

David R. Carmichael is an aggressive, well rounded criminal defense attorney, a former Assistant State Attorney and current Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Carmichael explores all defenses to Juvenile offenses in Polk County Court, including self-defense or defense of a third party, lack of intent to cause harm or commit a crime and suggestive identity line ups, and Mental Health defenses. He and his investigators scrutinize all evidence, including forensic evidence and witness or victim statements, and every aspect of the arrest or search warrants, to find grounds for dismissal or suppression of evidence.

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