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If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal crime you will find yourself in an arena that is vastly different from that which you would encounter in a Florida district court. Federal courts follow a very precise and unique set of procedures, rely upon a distinct and separate body of case law, and have their own set of statutes that define criminal violations. Not all Florida criminal defense lawyer firms are qualified to defend federal criminal cases. We at The Law Offices of David Carmichael, ESQ. have dedicated a substantial portion of our practice to the defense against federal criminal charges and if you find yourself facing such a charge we are prepared to bring the full force of the experience of our federal criminal defense attorney team to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.
There are many areas of overlapping criminal jurisdiction to state and federal law. As a rule of thumb federal prosecutors will generally defer to the State of Florida for the prosecution of most minor criminal cases. If however, the scope of the crime is major and involves transactions that cross state lines, they may choose to exercise their jurisdiction. Typical of such crimes are:

  • Drug crimes —You may find yourself facing charges in both state and federal court.
  • Sex crimes — Crossing state lines for the purpose of prostitution, and trafficking in sexual slavery.
  • Computer Crimes – May include numerous types of fraud, security breaches and internet hacking.
  • Professional crimes – Involve types of fraud that deal with publically traded securities. a
  • Fraud — Fraud can become a federal offense if the scope of the crime involves parties in different states.
  • Immigration violations — Illegal immigration is an exclusively federal jurisdiction and may involve smuggling of aliens for profit, or simple unlawful entry.

Defending a federal criminal charge in a U.S. district court is not a task for the uninitiated. It requires a specific skill set that is much more demanding than in Florida state courts. At The Law Offices of David Carmichael, ESQ we have honed our federal skills with years of hard-won experience. If you are charged with a federal offense you will need to work with a federal crime attorney who understands the federal methodology. Do not hesitate to call our federal criminal attorney team in Bartow at The Law Offices of David Carmichael, ESQ at 863-733-9119 today.  We serve all of Central Florida. Your initial consultation is free of charge. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of freedom and dignity to gain.

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